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Salt for Sauna & Steam Rooms

GAMMA Genuine Himalayan Salt Crystals For Sauna and Steam Rooms

Highgrove Sauna

Many individuals and business are benefiting from GAMMA Himalayan Salt Crystals by using them in their sauna and steam rooms. Adding a few Himalayan Salt Crystals on top of the steaming rocks will enhance the atmosphere by releasing negative ions. As the crystals evaporate into the air the salty steam will fill the room creating Speleotherapy effects. It is just like sitting in a salt mine or by the seashore without leaving the comfort of your own home.

GAMMA Himalayan Salt Crystals can also be used in humidifiers. Just add a few crystals to your humidifier and benefit from the moist salty air to ease Asthma/Bronchitis conditions.

4.5 kg / 10 lbs Salt Chunks for Sauna & Steam Room

GAMMA Himalayan Salt