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Himalayan Salt Videos

Cooking with Himalayan Salt – Chef Ren Mercer

Ren Mercer of Toronto, Canada, renowned chef and teacher for over 20 years shows how Gamma Himalayan Salt can improve the flavor and quality of your food. Ren says the primary thing a great chef does “is use great salt… it’s the primary ingredient in every kitchen.”

From marinating and fine ground salt to Himalayan salt slabs and salt bowls, you too can cook and serve your food like a professional chef.

Best known for his direct culinary approach, Ren loves to teach and inspire young professionals to develop and grow as chefs. He has created dishes in some of the best kitchens and environments imaginable, from England to Ireland, USA and throughout Asia. Rens food style is balanced, beautiful and inviting.

Pure Himalayan Salt – 84 Natural Minerals | Gamma Salt

Nadeem Azeem, co-founder of Gamma Salt Crystals Ltd. talks about Himalayan Salt and where it comes from.

Himalayan salt is the world’s purest and most complete salt available on earth. It contains 84 natural minerals and trace elements, the same ones that the human body needs for optimal health. It is completely natural and unrefined, unlike ordinary table salt that has been stripped of its minerals and bleached to make it white.

Gamma Himalayan Salt offers: Kosher certified consumption salt, salt slabs and salt plates, salt for neti pots and inhalers, bath salts, animal salt licks, salt lamps, candleholders and more.

Gamma Himalayan Salt – A Healthy Difference

Holistic Nutrition Consultant Julie Louie talks about the benefits of Gamma Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Many naturopathic doctors are now using Himalayan salt, which contains up to 84 minerals, in their practices as a treatment modality for eczema, psoriasis and sinus conditions.

Julie talks about using Himalayan Salt
– In a brine solution
– For sinus flushing with a neti pot
– In a brine bath
– As an eye wash

Gamma Himalayan Salt is pristine, pure and clean as it is mined by hand in the pollution free area at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.

GAMMA Himalayan Salt