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Massage Stones

GAMMA Genuine Himalayan Crystal Salt

Salt Massage Stones & Stone Warmer

River stones are a thing of the past. GAMMA Himalayan Crystal Salt Massage Stones are the ultimate choice for therapists who are using them as hot massage stones to reduce tension, stress and pain. Your massage stones can be chilled quickly in the fridge for an effective anti-inflammatory treatment. GAMMA Salt Stone warmer/bowls also provide the same air cleansing ability as salt lamps while providing a beautiful ambiance to any room.

GAMMA Himalayan salt is the highest quality available: The Himalayas is the world’s most tranquil, serene, peaceful and undeveloped region; therefore the salt crystals mined from the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan are still pure and untouched by pollution. Tremendous pressure and heat refines the structure of the salt crystals, making them translucent. Mining by hand is painstaking but essential; that is why GAMMA Himalayan salt Crystals are hand picked and carved by local artisans keeping the valuable crystal structure intact.

GAMMA Himalayan Salt Stones may be used in hot stone therapy, especially when the therapeutic aspect of salt is needed, or the energy properties of the salt crystal is warranted, they may be incorporated into energy modalities for example, Reiki.

With their inherent information and energy, these salt crystals have the most perfect geometric structure found. GAMMA Himalayan Crystal salt floats in transparent, whitish, pinkish or reddish shiny veins in the salt mountains spread for 300 km. and crystallize in areas where sufficient pressure was available to form a perfect crystalline structure. GAMMA Himalayan Crystal Salt crystal manifests a superior structure. Due to this sublime form, the elements are biochemicaly available for our cells as are the individual frequencies or vibration patterns. We can only receive the resonant effects of the geometrical structure through the superior order or structure of a crystal and our cells can only absorb those elements that occur in an ional form.

Research performed on the Himalayan salt shows that the balanced crystalline structure reveals fine branching with no shadows or rough edges. The crystal is not isolated from the inherent mineral elements (84) but is connected to them in a harmonious state. This tells us that the energy content, in the form of minerals, is balanced and can be easily metabolized by the body. These crystals are full of life. When taken internally or used externally, it will have a vital energetic effect on the body. The result is a net gain for the body and zero energy loss.

GAMMA Himalayan Salt Massage stones are naturally antimicrobial. That means no harmful bacteria or fungi can grow on them. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth or paper towel, then, place the Stones back on the warmer or in the open air to dry. If using carrier or essential oils, it is important to clean and dry the Stones as soon as possible to prevent degradation. Use of alcohol and other surface disinfectants are not necessary since salt is a natural disinfectant and is an extremely effective anti-microbial agent.

Better than any other product on the market

For over a decade GAMMA Salt crystals has been leading the industry in providing consumer conscious and safe products: our GAMMA Quick-Change Light Bulb Assembly TM for lamps was introduced in 2001, which eliminates the potential hazard of a loose bulb breaking and the time-consuming struggle of changing the light bulb.

How to change a light bulb

With GAMMA Salt stone massager it’s a cinch to replace/install a bulb
1) Unplug the salt bowl and empty it
2) Turn your bowl sideways
3) Squeeze gently the wings of the light bulb holder
4) Take out the bulb assembly
5) Unscrew the old bulb
6) Replace it with a new bulb
7) Insert it in to the hole at the base (Be sure that it snaps securely into place)

Now it is ready to be turned on.

We use the most common light bulbs for your convenience; these bulbs can be purchased from any hardware store, Home Depot, Walmart or even Dollar Stores. All you need to know is that the bulbs are similar to the one used for chandeliers, commonly known as candelabra style bulbs.


– Always unplug the bowl before changing a bulb
– Do Not use the bowl if electrical cord is damaged in any way
– Do Not use a salt warming bowls near open water systems or
high moisture areas such as hot tubs or saunas.
– Never use them outdoors
– Always keep out of reach of children

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