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Grandmother – Himalayan Salt

When I was a young child growing up in the subcontinent, I remember my grandma used to take me to the market to buy fresh vegetables and fruits for our daily consumption. Sometimes she also bought Himalayan Crystal Salt. She would take her time to search for the perfect crystals, she taught me the difference between ordinary crystals and what she called “King Salt”, with whitish, pinkish or reddish veins in the crystals.

She would stone grind the salt herself and used it for every dish that she made. She would also use the same salt for antibacterial effects to protect our skin and eyes from infectious germs. She knew that Himalayan crystal Salt was antiseptic. She used Himalayan salt for itching: athlete’s foot and for soaking feet in warm salt water for pain, gargling and dental care.

Himalayan salt has been re-discovered in our times, its use is sweeping Europe and now America. Doctors and alternative therapists alike are successfully applying the ancient healing knowledge of “Namkeen Pani” or brine solution, derived from combining Himalayan Crystal Salt and good quality water for many natural health treatments. Unlike other salts, in Himalayan Crystal Salt the minerals and trace elements are in such tiny particles that they can be easily absorbed by human cells and metabolized. It is used for wound dressings, intravenous infusions, and salt solutions are also used for enemas as well as soothing salt-water for baths, replenishing the skin, drinking therapy, detoxifying and flavoring food and cooking.

Today salt is scientifically recognized as naturally healing. Much research is being done on the benefits of Himalayan Salt, books have been written about it, to prove how essential Himalayan Salt is for our health.

As for me, I just take my grandma’s word for it.

Raheel R. Sheikh

GAMMA Himalayan Salt