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The Health Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhalers

Posted by Gamma Salt on 2/16/2010 to Product Info
Salt inhalers or salt pipes as they are commonly called have been very popular for years in Europe. Now their health benefits can be enjoyed by those in America and Canada. Just a few minutes of regular daily use can help bring major benefit not only to those with asthma, but a salt inhaler can also help overcome stuffiness, persistent coughing, shortness of breath, and neutralize the daily damaging effects of air pollution, dust, smog and second hand cigarette smoke.

Happy New Year 2010 and Angel's Corner Year 2009 Update

Posted by Gamma Salt on 1/12/2010 to Angel's Corner
I would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year filled with love, good health and lots of hope for a better world. I would also like to apologize for being away during 2009 and not being able to update you on our contributions. Unfortunately, I've had some family and personal issues that have prevented me from writing, but is does not mean that we stopped the contributions.

Thanksgiving Celebrations and October Angel's Corner Update

Posted by Gamma Salt on 10/26/2008 to Angel's Corner
Hello to all and welcome back to our Angel's Corner Update We wanted to kick off the holiday season with the Thanksgiving celebrations, here in Canada on October 13 and in the US on November 27. What an appropriate time to give thanks: to God for giving us the opportunity to help others through The Angel's Corner, to our Customers for their continuous contributions, to Plan Canada for their great donor support...

May 2008 Angel's Corner Update

Posted by Gamma Salt on 5/8/2008 to Angel's Corner
It is May, Spring has finally arrived and it is the perfect time to celebrate not only Mother’s Day, but the great support The Angel’s Corner keeps receiving.

Cats Just Love Sleeping Near Salt Lamps

Posted by Gamma Salt on 4/24/2008 to Product Info
I ordered 4 salt lamps from you guys a few months ago, and they are awesome. They give a lovely warm feeling to my room. My cats seem to really enjoy them also!

Angel's Corner Supports Plan Canada and Kiva

Posted by Gamma Salt on 1/14/2008 to Angel's Corner
We are very excited because we were able to make our first contributions to two great organizations: Plan Canada

New Angel Salt Lamps

Posted by Gamma Salt on 11/25/2007 to Angel's Corner
We Are Proud To Introduce Our Angel Salt Lamp. It Has Been Conceived To Motivate Us To Begin The Gift Of Giving This Very Special Holiday Season. Join Us In Our First Steps Along This Journey Towards A Great Cause Created With Love and Inspired By Example.

Low Cost Salt Lamps - A Miracle For Amy

Posted by Gamma Salt on 1/21/2007 to Testimonials
When my health is good because of a small salt lamp... My gosh that is a miracle, when I have spent hundreds on ozone ionizers that nearly killed me, and dehumidifiers that never worked and made me more ill.

She Put Salt Lamps In Every Room of Her House

Posted by Gamma Salt on 11/5/2006 to Testimonials
Recently I ordered ten Salt Crystal Lamps from GAMMA Salt Crystals Ltd. I had done my research and knew that these negative-ion generating Himalayan Lamps were state-of-the-art health-promoting "devices" (able to produce healthful negative ions without, thank goodness, involving ozone!) and that GAMMA Salt Crystals was able to offer these beauties at an astoundingly low price, especially if bought in multiples of ten.

GAMMA Genuine Himalayan Salt Licks For Animals

Posted by Gamma Salt on 10/6/2006 to Product Info
Salt licks contain up to 84 minerals & trace elements and are extremely beneficial for the growth and overall health of all farm animals, big game animals and pets. Salt licks are used for Horses, Cattle and for attracting various wild animals like Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Moose and Antelope.

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 The Health Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhalers
 Happy New Year 2010 and Angel's Corner Year 2009 Update
 Thanksgiving Celebrations and October Angel's Corner Update

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