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Thanksgiving Celebrations and October Angel's Corner Update

Posted by Gamma Salt on 10/26/2008 to Angel's Corner
Hello to all and welcome back to our Angel's Corner Update

We wanted to kick off the holiday season with the Thanksgiving celebrations, here in Canada on October 13 and in the US on November 27.

What an appropriate time to give thanks: to God for giving us the opportunity to help others through The Angel's Corner, to our Customers for their continuous contributions, to Plan Canada for their great donor support, they have showed a great deal of professionalism and transparency with the Projects we have been supporting, a Big Shout Out to them! To Kiva for their amazing job, keep up the good work! And to all the agencies that are trying to make life better on these difficult times in the world. 

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“Since I started farming I have been growing maize and realized low yields and now I have planted groundnuts and realized a good yield. I will advise other farmers to grow this crop” said Mr. Dube from Kubatana ward.

We continue working with Plan Canada, this time we have chosen a project in the African Republic of Zimbabwe; whose people are living under extremely difficult political, economic and social conditions; poverty and unemployment is soaring and where an acute shortage of food has been well publicized. 56 percent of the population lives on less than US$ 1 per day and 1 million people depend on food aid. So, we though that a good way to invest some money will be give people the tools to help not only themselves as individuals, but their families and their community with an Agricultural Training and Seed Provision which will provide long-term solutions to these problems. The project objectives are: increase the number of food secure families, reduce the number of undernourished children, increase the number of families realizing increased disposable income and increase the number of families in Plan communities who access sustainable financial services. With your support we were able to secure farmer training for 50 people; this will equip them with the knowledge and skills in farming to improve their agricultural production. Households that follow good farming methods will achieve good yields that ensure food security for them with surplus for sale. With part of the donations we also secure additional funding for the Provision of Seed for 40 extra people and their families; this means that farmers have seed input to plant in their fields. Farmers in the rural areas are not able to access adequate agricultural inputs due to shortage on the market and when available the prices are way beyond the reach of the majority. Some of the participant families are able to produce peanut butter and oil from sunflower, which improves their nutrition status. Also this project allows them to work near their homes reducing overall cost and workloads, particularly for women and families are more able to send their children to school or pay for healthcare.

Once again we continue supporting entrepreneurs through Kiva. This time we were able to add 7 more, for a grand total of 14, in many countries and a variety of businesses - go through the link to visit our detailed portfolio with Kiva - It is amazing to know that with a little bit of help, you can change so many lives.

Lastly, The Angel's Corner had also given another donation to our Local Community Centre - York Community Services - to help with their new satellite location, to expand their services to more communities. YCS is a pioneer in their field and is an integrated and charitable multi-disciplinary agency in Toronto, where all services are provided free of charge under one roof and one administration. Their services are targeted to: 

· Families at risk – primarily single mothers and their children 
· Immigrants and newcomers 
· Seniors and the frail elderly 
· Adults with developmental disabilities 
· People with serious and persistent mental illness 
· Youth 
· Homeless or under-housed
· And others facing barriers due to language, race, culture, or low literacy- with the overall goal of building healthy families, individuals and communities. 

We feel privileged and honored that you are giving us your support and that we are able to see how far we have gone and how many lives we have been able to touch in such a short period of time. 

God bless you all and your families!


Maria Angel
GAMMA Salt Cristals, Ltd. and The Angel's Corner
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