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Cats Just Love Sleeping Near Salt Lamps

Posted by Gamma Salt on 4/24/2008 to Product Info
I ordered 4 salt lamps from you guys a few months ago, and they are awesome. They give a lovely warm feeling to my room. My cats seem to really enjoy them also!

Low Cost Salt Lamps - A Miracle For Amy

Posted by Gamma Salt on 1/21/2007 to Testimonials
When my health is good because of a small salt lamp... My gosh that is a miracle, when I have spent hundreds on ozone ionizers that nearly killed me, and dehumidifiers that never worked and made me more ill.

She Put Salt Lamps In Every Room of Her House

Posted by Gamma Salt on 11/5/2006 to Testimonials
Recently I ordered ten Salt Crystal Lamps from GAMMA Salt Crystals Ltd. I had done my research and knew that these negative-ion generating Himalayan Lamps were state-of-the-art health-promoting "devices" (able to produce healthful negative ions without, thank goodness, involving ozone!) and that GAMMA Salt Crystals was able to offer these beauties at an astoundingly low price, especially if bought in multiples of ten.

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