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She Put Salt Lamps In Every Room of Her House

Posted by Gamma Salt on 11/5/2006 to Testimonials
- Another Testimonial For Gama Salt Lamps -

Recently I ordered ten Salt Crystal Lamps from GAMMA Salt Crystals Ltd. I had done my research and knew that these negative-ion generating Himalayan Lamps were state-of-the-art health-promoting "devices"(able to produce healthful negative ions without, thank goodness, involving ozone!) and that GAMMA Salt Crystals was able to offer these beauties at an astoundingly low price, especially if bought in multiples of ten.

Several years earlier, I had come upon an exhibitor's booth at a health fair that had had some of these amazing lamps on display; and, although they were rather expensive, I had found myself so drawn to them that I had finally decided to go for it, carefully selecting for myself the lamp I found the most compelling (although it was a hard choice to make because all the lamps were so magically sublime).

Understandably, I was a little concerned, when I phoned in my order for ten, sight-unseen Salt Crystal Lamps from GAMMA Salt Crystals, that I might not be quite as satisfied with the lamps that they would be selecting for me as I had been with the one I had selected for myself. So you can imagine my surprise and my delight when I discovered, upon opening each carefully wrapped parcel, an extraordinary array of ten lamps, every one unique, all absolutely gorgeous (except for one, which I found a little less appealing and will present to a friend as a special Christmas gift!).

I have now placed a lamp in every single room in our house (plus the basement!); they draw very little electricity and we keep them on all the time, except for the one in our bedroom -- which we reluctantly turn off when we sleep (so as not to interfere with the body's production of melatonin, the sleep hormone). The soft light they emit is warm, inviting, and relaxing, even as it energizes, enlivens, and focuses. These GAMMA Salt Crystal Lamps are one of the best purchases we have ever made. And it's amazing to us that something this beautiful and this good-for-you would be simply a phone call away and so affordably priced! Treat yourself right. Buy one, buy ten!! You will not be disappointed!!! And they will last you a lifetime, a long, healthy lifetime...

- Martha Stark MD
Faculty, Harvard Medical School
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