GAMMA Genuine Himalayan Crystal Salt

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Salt on the GO

GAMMA Himalayan
Crystal Salt
Salt on the GO TM

After using Gamma Himalayan Salt for years in our kitchen, we felt frustrated when we went out to restaurants and found only processed and bleached salt offered on the tables.

After months of research; GAMMA Salt has developed the solution for the health conscious enthusiast

Introducing GAMMA Salt on the GO TM

First of its kind: Our exclusive design enables you to enjoy the world's most complete salt anywhere you desire. GAMMA Salt, as a leader in providing healthy solutions presents: its refillable personal salt shaker, to promote environmentally consciousness of reusable products, so you can also help keep our earth green for future generations.

Its unique design allow it to be carried in any pocket book, its cover is secure to prevent any accidental spillage, easy to refill, and don't have to dispose it once salt runs out so there will be one less product to pollute our environment.

Keep it with you and use it whenever you need to add healthy salt to your food.

Each container is approximately 1 3/4" Tall and 3/4" diameter.
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GAMMA Himalayan Salt on the GO TM
GAMMA Himalayan Salt on the GO TM
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