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The Health Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhalers

Posted by Gamma Salt on 2/16/2010 to Product Info
Salt inhalers or salt pipes as they are commonly called have been very popular for years in Europe. Now their health benefits can be enjoyed by those in America and Canada. Just a few minutes of regular daily use can help bring major benefit not only to those with asthma, but a salt inhaler can also help overcome stuffiness, persistent coughing, shortness of breath, and neutralize the daily damaging effects of air pollution, dust, smog and second hand cigarette smoke.

Cats Just Love Sleeping Near Salt Lamps

Posted by Gamma Salt on 4/24/2008 to Product Info
I ordered 4 salt lamps from you guys a few months ago, and they are awesome. They give a lovely warm feeling to my room. My cats seem to really enjoy them also!

GAMMA Genuine Himalayan Salt Licks For Animals

Posted by Gamma Salt on 10/6/2006 to Product Info
Salt licks contain up to 84 minerals & trace elements and are extremely beneficial for the growth and overall health of all farm animals, big game animals and pets. Salt licks are used for Horses, Cattle and for attracting various wild animals like Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Moose and Antelope.

Salt Lamps - A Salt Lick For Cats?

Posted by Gamma Salt on 12/24/2005 to Product Info
Tigger loves to lay next to the pyramid salt lamp on top of John's desk, and even on top of his computer monitor. Now of course he likes the heat put out by the monitor, but cats are pretty smart and I bet they know that being near negative ions is a good thing.

Who Owns the Salt Mines (Pakistan)

Posted by Gamma Salt on 7/7/2005 to Product Info
I know for a fact, (since I come from Pakistan), that all mines are owned by the government of Pakistan and are under the control of PMDC Pakistan Mine Development Corporation.

Salt Lamps vs Man Made Ionizers

Posted by Gamma Salt on 4/30/2005 to Product Info
For many years we have been selling Himalayan natural salt crystal lamps as beautiful lamps and as natural air cleaners and ionizers. We are often asked how salt lamps compare to various electronic air cleaners and ionizers on the market.

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 The Health Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhalers
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