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New Angel Salt Lamps

Posted by Gamma Salt on 11/25/2007 to Angel's Corner
We Are Proud To Introduce Our Angel Salt Lamp. It Has Been Conceived To Motivate Us To Begin The Gift Of Giving This Very Special Holiday Season.

Join Us In Our First Steps Along This Journey Towards A Great Cause Created With Love and Inspired By Example.

Come and join us by following the Angel’s Path...

When you purchase this Angel Salt Lamp, you will be giving a gift from your heart by spreading the Angel’s touch in the life of your loved one, and at the same time providing direct support to an organization that is contributing to a better future for everyone.

As always we appreciate your support,

Nadeem Azeem
GAMMA Salt Cristals Ltd.
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shad qumar Date 12/25/2013
shad qumar Date 12/25/2013
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