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Low Cost Salt Lamps - A Miracle For Amy

Posted by Gamma Salt on 1/21/2007 to Testimonials
- Another Testimonial For Gama Salt Lamps -

Hi there! I received my salt lamp today 1/12/07 just hours ago... I have had this thing on for only about 1.5 hours and OMG! I am giddy happy, ear to ear... those negative ions from the lamp have put me in the best mood... my nose has cleared up and my chest and lungs are already clearing up. I have just ordered another because I cannot wait to feel what these lamps do for my overall health. I always wanted one and they are so expensive any place else... but your customer service, quality and pricing is awesome... and I am a customer for life.

When my health is good because of a small salt lamp... My gosh that is a miracle, when I have spent hundreds on ozone ionizers that nearly killed me, and dehumidifiers that never worked and made me more ill. Something as nurturing and healing and relaxing like this lamp is a miracle! I am so grateful to you! I am truly a customer for life! I can breath and my body feels like it is renewing. I have tried all supplements, everything and nothing would put me in a good mood. I tried positive prayer and book therapy and the molds up here in the mountains made me very ill... This is working! Thank you SOOOO much! You are wonderful. I cannot wait to buy more!

Have a spectacular day!
Peace always

- Amy Atkinson from Los Gatos, CA
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