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Happy New Year 2010 and Angel's Corner Year 2009 Update

Posted by Gamma Salt on 1/12/2010 to Angel's Corner
Hello to all and welcome back to our Angel’s Corner Update

I would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year filled with love, good health and lots of hope for a better world.

I would also like to apologize for being away during 2009 and not being able to update you on our contributions. Unfortunately, I've had some family and personal issues that have prevented me from writing, but is does not mean that we stopped the contributions.

• The Angel’s Corner continues to support our local community centre, York Community Services. This time the money will be allocated to special project in their new satellite location, which will allow them to expand their services to more communities. The money will be used on a specific project dedicated to seniors, the frail and elderly - not only because they are an essential part of our communities and families, but also because they need to be given special recognition. At the same time York Community Services will make this a special project to remember, by honouring, our friend and colleague Ana Sofia Nascimento, RSW, MSW Senior’s Worker (May her soul rest in peace) who passed away at the early age of 34. She dedicated her life by working tirelessly for the welfare of seniors. I had the honor and privilege of both working with her, and to have called her my best friend. She was the best Social Worker I have ever known. Her dedication and guidance has helped me become a better person and has inspired me to pursue a career of my own in Social Work! I will always miss her.

Just to remind you, and for those who have not read my previous updates, York Community Services is a pioneer in their field. They are also an integrated and charitable multi-disciplinary agency in Toronto, where all services are provided free of charge under one roof and one administration.

• The Angel’s Corner continues to support entrepreneurs through Kiva. In 2009 we were able to sponsor 12 more small businesses in a variety of countries (click on the link for a detailed portfolio) I'm very happy to say we now have a total of 26 entrepreneurs!!!. We feel very strongly that because of the contributions to this organization, we (You; our customers and GAMMA) are helping in a real and a very tangible way to make the world a better place.

• Another project the Angel’s Corner supported in 2009 involved a group of students from a University in Venezuela. The students had to do a project for a community work assignment to be able to graduate. This specific group chose a small and very needy organization called “ Centro de Recuperacion Nutricional Infantil Dr. Pastor Oropeza” an organization who's very means of survival depends entirely on donations. This organization is the only one of its kind in the city of San Cristobal, and dedicates its efforts to helping undernourished children. The kids range in age between 2 months and 6-years-old who are or in a high Psycho-social risk due to the lack of nourishment. The Institution also provides extensive comprehensive care to their families to help them understand and cope with this condition with the capability of providing hospitalization for about 20 kids and continuous ambulatory services -- all provided free of charge!!! 

I was personally involved with this project. I visited the facilities, met with the doctors, nurses, parents with their sick children, students and administrators. We discussed strategies to raise funds and awareness among the communities and the population about the importance of supporting this institution. I am proud to say that we exceeded the expectations and were able to provide them with much needed supplies and a great deal of community support for the future. I must mention that everyone involved was aware that it was thanks to OUR CUSTOMERS that we were able to help with this project.

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 Happy New Year 2010 and Angel's Corner Year 2009 Update
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