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Angel's Corner Supports Plan Canada and Kiva

Posted by Gamma Salt on 1/14/2008 to Angel's Corner
Happy New Year to All!

Let me start by thanking our customers for the overwhelming support we have received for the Angel's Corner initiative.

We are very excited because we were able to make our first contributions to two great organizations:

We Support Plan Canada

In the process of choosing a specific cause and with suggestions from Plan Canada, we decided to support a cause in Pakistan first, for a few reasons. First, as mentioned, our factory is located in Pakistan and we thought it would be great to honor our colleagues by being the first recipients of this initiative, being an essential element in making the Angel's Corner possible. Second, this project will directly benefit children. Third, there is an immense need in that country.

The program is called Birth Registration Program. The goal of this project is to assist children without documentation in obtaining a Birth Certificate. Most significantly these documents provide a child with easier access to essential Social Services such as Education and Healthcare. It provides Proof of Age, helping protect against child labour and child marriage, as well as proof of National Identity, making it easier to defend against abuse and child trafficking.

In addition, a person can be denied their right to: Vote or stand for elected office - Obtain a passport - Prove their nationality - Get Married - Obtain a Drivers License - Inherit money or property, just to name a few. Pakistan's Population is about 160 million; unfortunately nearly 64 million children remain unregistered.

The Angel's Corner's first contribution will be able to provide Birth Registration for about 233 children.

"Join Plan in its goal to achieve universal birth registration - a universal responsibility"
Archbishop Desmond Tutu. (Nobel Peace Price-1984)

We Support Kiva

With we started by supporting 3 entrepreneurs in the developing world in their efforts to achieve economic independence, empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty, through micro credit.

With your support, we look forward to being able to help more entrepreneurs in making their dreams come true.

On behalf of the recipients of your good will, I would like to thank you, as well as assure you that we will continue to investigate other worthy projects around the world. This is only the beginning!

Maria Angel
GAMMA Salt - The Angel's Corner
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